2017 Was a Safer Year for Motorists,but the Situation Is Still Grim

According to car wreck stats in Louisiana,2017 was a relatively safe year. It had fewer car crashes than other years. However,that should not offer any consolation. That is because traffic collisions are still a leading cause of death.

American Roads are Still Unsafe

Of course,the government has done a lot to make American roads safer. However,they still must do more.

The Louisiana state government needs to invest more money in road safety measures. Americans require sensitization about the most basic road safety issues. Some Americans even do not know how to read certain road signs.

Louisiana roads need to be improved. Some roads are totally out of shape and they require re-carpeting. They are also roads with potholes. Sharp corners must be clearly marked. A good percentage of accidents usually happen around corners.

You Do Not Have to be Part of Car Wreck Stats in Louisiana

By driving carefully,you will save your life and the lives of thousands of other road users. If someone hits you,be sure to reach out to a injured in a car crash .

You are not the only road user. They are also cyclists,pedestrians,and other vehicle owners. Even if you do not care about your life,you should at least care about the lives of other road users.

  • Do not use your phone when driving.

  • Do not be distracted by things in the outside environment. Focus on the road.

  • Do not Drink and Drive

If you plan to take another drink and then drive,remember that you might be taking your last drink. The moment you start taking your first drink,you should have arranged for a designated driver or a taxi.

The Bottom Line

The government alone can do very little to reduce car crashes. The attitude of Americans needs to change. They must be more careful on the roads and contact a personal injury lawyer when necessary.

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