Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia
Elks Association 

Richard Reynolds
 Northeast District #3720

Dover De. Lodge #1903
89 Barbara Blvd
Felton, DE 19943-5736
(302)270-2777 (Cell Telephone)
(302)284-0356 (Home Telephone)
(302)724-9983 (Fax)

Greetings from the North East District of the MD, DE, & DC Elks Association. The Lodges in the North East are on board with GER Pickering's theme this year, "Elks Live, Elks Give". Our Elks Lodges are working hard again this year to have another +1 Gain in Membership and several of our Lodges have stepped up to the challenge to compete in the District's Annual Ritual Judging Contest, to demonstrate that the Heart of Elkdom is Alive and well in the North East District, demonstrating that "Elks Live.
Our lodges are also back at raising funds for ENF and filing for those hugh Grants to help grow our communities we serve in Northeast to be more prosperous, which demonstrate that "Elks Give" by contributing money to local charities, having a community Family Fun Day, supporting Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scout Troops and Packs. We are also keeping pace with the many veteran Homes throughout our District by visiting the local veteran homes as well as providing much needed personal items, such as toiletries, playing cards, etc. for our Veterans.

It is with great pride that our 8 Lodges work hard to support and promote the many Grand Lodge Programs in keeping with the GER's theme for 2013-2014, "Elks Live, Elks Give".

As the Cable Guy would say; North East YOU CAN DO IT!