Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia
Elks Association 

Carl Vogt

State President


Maryland, Delaware & District of Columbia Elks Association
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the U.S.A.

Welcome to the website of the MD-DE-DC Elks Association. I wish to thank all the members of this great State Association for the confidence and trust you placed in me by electing me as your State President for the years 2013 - 2014. It is indeed a humbling feeling to be entrusted with the leadership of our Association. Mary and I will do our very best to represent you with honor and dignity wherever we go. Further, I thank all those who accepted appointed positions this year and I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you as we implement our Mentoring Program to make this an even better association.

I congratulate the outgoing President Jim Stewart and Sandy Brantner on their great year representing our Association. They did it proudly and with honor during their travels. Thank you, Jim and Sandy. Thank you Vincent Pingitore, Jr. and Warren Johnson for being my mentors this past year. You were both there when I needed you and were always willing to assist me with any questions or concerns I had. Also I am greatly appreciative of the support of the Past State Presidents and Officers whom I can call upon and tap as resources with experience and knowledge throughout the upcoming year. It is fortunate for any President to have mentors from around the State to call upon.

My motto this year is: "ELKS SERVING OUR COMMUNITIES". It is what we as Elks do every day in working within our communities by bringing what programs we have to those who need our support.

I am truly proud of what we in MD DE DC Elks Association are doing in our Lodges and communities. That is not to say we should be satisfied.

I have set some goals for myself and our State Committees. Most of these goals will be achieved just by becoming more aware and involved with what we do on a regular basis. It is my hope that each and every Elk in our Association reflects on the reasons for becoming an Elk and seeing if new energy can be put into expanding upon those reasons for being an Elk by participating in the

Finally, never forget to enjoy what you do in Elkdom. We are a fraternal organization and our social activities are a great part of what we are.


Carl Vogt

GOALS FOR 2013-2014

* Promote and achieve a +1 Membership Gain
* Introduce a Mentoring Program for the Association which will be a guideline in helping achieve the following:
       1. Help to Recruit and Retain Membership
       2. Provide mentoring for those who choose to become Officers
       3. Assist State Committee Chairman in training and working with their district chairman to accomplish their goals
       4. Assist State Chairman in ultimately training someone they have chosen to replace them
*Increase our ENF Donations by having every lodge meet the NEW GER goal of $4.60 per capita, as well the State goal of $9.00 per capita.
*Have each lodge meet the $1.50 per capita for the Jernick Fund.
*Promote Elk Camp Barrett by asking each lodge to send a minimum of two campers to the camp or donating the money for at least two campers.
*Encourage active participation in all of the GL and State Association's Programs including the Ritual
*Assist Lodge's in their efforts to publicize our Charitable Works through use of the media and free public radio and television
*Have each lodge Adopt a Veteran at their local VA/State Hospital or Nursing Home
*Encourage Lodges and their Officers to attend the regularly scheduled State Workshops and Conventions
*Have lodges maintain and adopt the Auditing and Business Practices mandated by GL Statue.
*Broadcast to the Community..Who we are.